Każda pora dnia jest dobra na składanie!

Our aim is to create conditions that enhance exchange of experience. So we decided that Robert’s workshops will be limited to 15 (plus 3 reserved for organization team) to make them comfortable for Robert and participants.

Robert gives three lectures/presentations (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and three workshops (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Lectures are no limited, everybody may take all of them. There are no parallel workshops during lectures.

We have about 50 participants (including organization group), everybody may select one workshop. You should sign for your selected workshop. There will be lists posted at the opening on Saturday. Teachers are priviledged (as they work for all participants) and they may sign first, at the registration on Saturday. Non-teachers may sign after opening. Please sign only one workshop. There is also a waiting list, you may sign at waiting list for the second workshop and you will be accepted if class is not full.