Everything  that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening , everything must be said again (André Gide)

  1. The convention is organized by origamists for origamists, on non-profit basis.

  2. Any adult person interested in origami may attend the 15th Outdoor Origami Meeting. Just fill registration card and send it to the e-mail address shown on the card. Minor may participate only after confirmation by organization team and must be accompanied by an adult.

  3. Techno-origami are leading theme of the convention, with special attention to the artwork inspired by “The Cyberiad” by Stanislaw Lem.

  4. Robert J. Lang is the guest of honor at the 15th Outdoor Origami Meeting.

  5. We expect international guests. English (as well as Polish) is the official language of the convention. All information is available both in English and in Polish. Organization team and fellow folders will help you in case of any problems with communication.

  6. We will be happy if you teach your favorite model or give a speech related to origami. Bring your origami artwork to share your ideas at the exhibition.

  7. We will provide you with paper and snacks (coffee, tea). There will be lunch available at the convention place, please mark lunch if you wish to have it (we must order exact quantity in advance). Other meals are on your own.

  8. You book hotel yourself, we suggest a hotel near convention place. For suggestions see convention map and practical info. For map use the following link: